Welcome to Memon Realty!
  • Well researched and informed group of real estate agents.
  • We are not the usual realtors who always give the exact same answer – “This is a good time to buy”. Every case is different and we carefully understand yours. If we feel timing is not right for you, we will politely say so, leaving the decision in your hand. We will give you all the facts you need to make an informed decision.
  • Our expertise include:
    • Market Timing: We carefully track the market indicators that influence the US economy and the local real estate market. To identify where the real estate market is headed, we study dozens of charts daily which translates to better buying and selling.
    • Research: Before we put an offer for a client on a property, or list a property for sale, we spend several hours researching the area and the local market to make better decisions for our clients.
    • Negotiations: We negotiate for every dollar for our clients. Our philosophy is “Every dollar is up for grabs & a dollar saved is a dollar earned”.
    • Personal Service: Quite frankly, we don’t recommend buying a house that we wouldn’t want to buy for ourselves to live in. That pretty much says it all!
Buyers and Sellers : If you have not yet selected a Realtor to work with, please contact us Here